Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Fun after the Journal is Complete

Journal page made from "goodies" I found while traveling
Journal Paper designed from throw away part of Polaroid Transfers....Europe Photos
Collage made from travel photos of Paris
Once my journals are made, I have the fun of filling them up with my life. I seem to do better with images rather than words, so I concentrate on making collages out of travel photos. I love to make Polaroid Transfers and  design papers for the inside of my journal covers. The paper pictured above is one that I designed using copies of the unused portion of the Polaroid Transfers(the part you usually throw away). I then assemble the photos into grids and shrink them down to tiny size, just suitable for the journals. This is my personal favorite, because it reminds me of so many fun trips.


  1. Great collage! I also really like the paper you made from the small images of your travel photos. Good idea!

  2. It is totally awsome, Barb! Really???? from the polaroid transfers? It is soooo great! Icannot believe all the work you put into the journals. I will treasure mine for always!!!!

  3. Thanks Nancy and Gro. Cant think of anything I would rather do, than to make a journal and fill it up.(: I hope you both will love yours over the years.(: