Monday, November 25, 2013


Vintage Ornaments on Wooden Block

I have always Loved the look of  Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments. When these very fun Rubbermoon Stamps caught my eye,  I just HAD to Own them! I made a Cheery Holiday sample on a Wooden Block, that can be displayed anywhere in your home. It is very easy to create with just a few supplies and simple steps.
Supplies Needed for Project

Below is the list of Supplies Needed for this Project
1) Set of 5 Old Fashioned Rubbermoon Ornament Stamps (I used only 3 for the above project)
2) Small Wooden Block
3) Black Gesso
4) Derwent Inktense Color Pencils
5) Black Photo Corners
6) One Small Sheet of Water Color Paper
7) Decorative Scrap Book Paper
8) Faber-Castell Artist Pen-S
Prepared Wooden Block

Above is a Photo of the prepared Wooden Block.  Gesso all sides of the plain wooden block with Black Gesso. It is best to give at least 2 coats for maximin coverage.  Next, cut out a piece of Holiday Themed or Festive Scrap Book Paper just a tiny bit smaller than the wooden block in size.  Paste Paper to the Block with PVA Adhesive. For the Second Layer, attach a piece of Water Color paper even yet smaller than Decorative paper with the Black Photo Corners. 
Create Your Own Holiday Block

Next, stamp your choice of the Old Fashioned Rubbermoon  Ornaments onto the Water Color Paper. I also used "Joy to the World" rm2278b stamp on the lower right hand corner of the piece. The third stamp used is one of my Very Favorites! It is the Itty Bitty Red Heart Stamp. I placed it above each of the ornaments as shown in the photo below.
Finished Holiday Project

After I used my stamps, I took "artistic license"  by drawing some Holly onto the paper using the Faber-Castell Artist pen.  After Stamping and Drawing, use Derwert Inktense Color Pencil to add Bright Color! I hope you  have a chance to try this project on your own. Have the Happiest of Holiday Seasons!
Till Next Time-  BARB

Monday, November 11, 2013

Transforming A Necklace with a Rubbermoon Stamp

I purchased this pretty cool Frida Necklace at a gift store while visiting Whidbey Island this past September. When I arrived home with it, I felt the larger flat piece needed some sort of Design Element. So I then decided to grab a Rubbermoon Stamp and tore some text from an old book. I vertically pasted the old text onto the long piece. Using the "Mod Marks Dark kp5098c" stamp from The KRE 8 TIV ELEMENTS/ Mid Century Modern Designs,  I applied it over the old text. For the last step, I used Acrylic Paint to "Antique" the edges of the paper for a more "Vintage" look. This is how the necklace looks now....
Transformed Frida Necklace
The Moral of this Blog, is that there are so many fun options for using Rubbermoon Stamps than just merely the Traditional!
Till Next Time- Barb