Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Die Cuts Coming Soon to Rubbermoon Website!!!

Above is an example of the fun new product line coming to Rubbermoon Stamp Company! You will be able to order Die Cuts of  different Rubbermoon Stamps to make all kinds of  New and Fun Creative Projects. This particular Die Cut is one of my own stamp designs....GO BUG. In this month's Rubbermoon Arts Blog, I will have a complete tutorial using the New Die Cuts featuring my stamps. I think they are going to be such a fun addition to the amazing Art Stamps you can already purchase on the Rubbermoon Stamp Website. Join me on the Rubbermoon Arts Blog Friday June, 20th for a complete tutorial using samples of this exciting new product line. 
                      Till Next Time- BARB

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wooden Rubbermoon Necklace

Last December, I posted a Rubbermoon Blog making a Fun Snow Globe Wooden Necklace from a single Rubbermon Art Stamp. Now we are into the Wonderful Days of Summer, and I have created just a few more Necklaces. Below are some that I have recently finished.  In Last December's Rubbermoon's Art Blog Post, I posted a full tutorial for making these fun Necklaces. Check out the December Blog to learn more.

Above are 3 necklaces made from just a few Rubbermoon Stamps.
I hope you like them!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


 For this coming month of October,  I have been asked to have another Art Show at a Wonderful nearby Eatery..Tea Bar & Bites Bakery and Cafe.  In the show,  I will present some of my usual Vintage Trailer pieces, but I will also include a series of Retro Style Collage Paintings. For each work, I have decided to include a Rubbermoon Stamps Series designed by owner Kristen Powers... called KRE8TIV ELEMENTS. I LOVE these stamps, because they add just that special Retro Design to my paintings! They are so versatile in their use and so "Groovy".  KRE8TIV ELEMENTS RUBBERMOON STAMPS can all be found on the Rubbermoon Website. 



Until Next Time- BARB

Monday, February 24, 2014



Up in my closet, inside of a worn shoe box are packed many letters from my College years. Most are postmarked from my High School Friends. Those I left in order to venture 800 miles away to attend College.... far from my small hometown. There are also some letters from my Sweet Mom and Older Sister and Brother, who pretty much HUNG THE MOON for me in those days. (no pun intended...wink). But inside that box, is one single letter that I Cherish and Hold very Close to my Heart. This is a Letter from my Dad. My father was very Kind, Loving and Affectionate, but did not make a practice of taking Pen in Hand to write down his thoughts to his youngest child or any of his children for that matter. I am so glad when I attended College, there were no Smart Phones, Texts and Emails. Rather, I have a box full of wonderful letters, that I can Read, Touch and even Smell. I am so incredibly Thankful to have this short cherished letter from my Father all those years ago. Each year on the Anniversary of the day of his Birth and also the day of his Passing,  I take the letter out and read it ever so slowly. I am very lucky to be reminded of how special my father was and how incredibly lucky I was to be his daughter.  Inside of this old and worn shoe box are letters on which most of the Envelopes are written the words...WRITE SOON.
Write Soon
That being said, comes the reason for my Tuesday Rubbermoon Blog Post. A Card that remembers the days of Hand Written Letters to those who were Dear to us.  A card that was sent in the Mail asking a Loved One or Friend to please WRITE SOON! I will list the several Rubbermoon Stamps I used for this card below. 

3) "Lets Go" (Suitcase)

Take time soon to write a handwritten note to someone you miss, care about and love. It will be Cherished and Held Close to their Heart, I know for sure.

Until next time- BARB

Monday, January 27, 2014

Rubbermoon Stamps Turn Ordinary Coffee Pot Doodle into Fun RETRO Style!!!!

By using Two Rubbermoon Design Stamps, I was able to turn my ordinary Saturday Night Doodle into a HIPSTER Mid-Century Coffee Pot and Cups. I placed the UFO Stamp  in the middle of the Coffee Pot and used the BURST Stamp on each of the Cups to create a Doodle that takes me back to the days of growing up in a late 60's and early 70's kitchen filled with colors of Harvest Gold and Avocado Green. So obviously, that was the colors I used from my set of Derwent Intense Color Pencils to give the doodle the feel of a more GROOVY time! Something So simple, as two very cool Rubbermoon Stamps completely changed the look of my drawing. 
                          Until Next Time- Barb
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Monday, December 16, 2013


My final post for the Holiday Season is one that I absolutely LOVED creating. Anytime I am able to use Old Text in one of my projects, it makes me Smile! The Little Party Hat Snowman Rubbermoon Stamp is one of my very FAVORITES, and I will list him below along with the other 3 stamps I used for this little Winter Sample.
                                    (1) Party Hat Snowman
                                    (2) Moon Unit (house) db4040m
                                    (3) Tree With Lights db2590e
                                    (4)  Small Xmas Tree mk363c

I applied the large Moon Unit House stamp onto Text from an Old Book, then cut out with Scissors including the Door and Windows. Cool Journal Paper was used as the Door and Window Coverings to add Personality to the Holiday House. Even though I used these particular Christmas/Winter Stamps in the Window and on the side of the House..... You can use any Number of different Stamps to create your own theme throughout the year. After applying the Stamps, I added color with Derwent Intense Pencils. Drawing Holly onto the Door added a festive element. After glueing the Holiday House and the Tree With Lights Stamp to the Gesso Covered Wooden Block,  I used a White Water Based Sharpie Marker to make tiny stars in the sky. I hope you enjoy this fun project.
                                WISHING YOU A MOST MAGICAL
                                       Till Next Time- BARB

Monday, November 25, 2013


Vintage Ornaments on Wooden Block

I have always Loved the look of  Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments. When these very fun Rubbermoon Stamps caught my eye,  I just HAD to Own them! I made a Cheery Holiday sample on a Wooden Block, that can be displayed anywhere in your home. It is very easy to create with just a few supplies and simple steps.
Supplies Needed for Project

Below is the list of Supplies Needed for this Project
1) Set of 5 Old Fashioned Rubbermoon Ornament Stamps (I used only 3 for the above project)
2) Small Wooden Block
3) Black Gesso
4) Derwent Inktense Color Pencils
5) Black Photo Corners
6) One Small Sheet of Water Color Paper
7) Decorative Scrap Book Paper
8) Faber-Castell Artist Pen-S
Prepared Wooden Block

Above is a Photo of the prepared Wooden Block.  Gesso all sides of the plain wooden block with Black Gesso. It is best to give at least 2 coats for maximin coverage.  Next, cut out a piece of Holiday Themed or Festive Scrap Book Paper just a tiny bit smaller than the wooden block in size.  Paste Paper to the Block with PVA Adhesive. For the Second Layer, attach a piece of Water Color paper even yet smaller than Decorative paper with the Black Photo Corners. 
Create Your Own Holiday Block

Next, stamp your choice of the Old Fashioned Rubbermoon  Ornaments onto the Water Color Paper. I also used "Joy to the World" rm2278b stamp on the lower right hand corner of the piece. The third stamp used is one of my Very Favorites! It is the Itty Bitty Red Heart Stamp. I placed it above each of the ornaments as shown in the photo below.
Finished Holiday Project

After I used my stamps, I took "artistic license"  by drawing some Holly onto the paper using the Faber-Castell Artist pen.  After Stamping and Drawing, use Derwert Inktense Color Pencil to add Bright Color! I hope you  have a chance to try this project on your own. Have the Happiest of Holiday Seasons!
Till Next Time-  BARB