Thursday, January 26, 2012


Dan Eldon was such a pioneer in the area of journaling. This post is dedicated to an amazing book of Dan's personal journals published after his tragic death. Following are some words written by his mother, taken from the introduction of THE JOURNALS OF DAN ELDON. 
 "My son, Dan Eldon, a Reuters Photographer, was stoned to death in Somalia in July 1993 by a mob reacting to the United Nations bombing raid on the suspected headquarters of General Mohammed Farah Aidid. Only twenty-two when he died, Dan had already achieved prominence for his work as a war photographer. But his photographs told only half the story. The other half lay hidden away in seventeen black-bound journals filled with collages, drawings, writings, and photographs."
    Dan's actual journals have been on exhibit throughout the world. It would be worth your while to check this book out.I treasure it.


  1. ohhhh.....I wanna make journals like this!!!! I love it. and thanks!! Now I need to get my a...over to amazon to get a new book!!!!

  2. What a sad story. Such potential lost. His journals are AMAZING!